Quotes from the Fringe audience

"An enthralling 50 minutes - highly recommended! The sole performer (also writer and director) requires only a chair and a crumpled can of McEwan's to deliver an emotional tribute to Argentina, which he encounters first through football and later through war. The deepest levels touch on themes such as shared humanity and the random, confusing aspects of identity and historical causality. Though powerful, the messaging is witty, insightful and conveyed with genuine storytelling skill. Go see it asap."

"A very moving and deep story about football, friendship, human rights & equality, David Bowie and love. A must-see performance with real genuine storytelling and human touch. Highly recommended."

"This show makes history real. We learn about war and dictatorship through one man's stories of love and loss. Great performance and clever text. And if you are not a football fan, don't worry! :)"

"An honest and moving story that combines a journey through some troubling pages of recent history with a wry look at Scotland 's obsession with football. Very effective storytelling. A rare show that can satisfy fans of both Archie Gemmill and Evita! Recommended!"

"Great show, funny, brutal and honest. Lived through my past while watching it, even muttered Johnny Rep under my breath at one point."

"To challenge the famous Bill Shankly quote that football is more important than life or death may seem like dangerous territory especially in a play paying tribute to another Liverpool legend, Kenny Dalglish. But even the staunchest Liverpool fan might need to recalibrate after an evening with Danny McLure. 
Armed with just 3 football shirts, a can of McEwans Export and a chair Andrew Macmillen's (writer and star of the show) portrayal of Danny gives a history lesson of some of the highlights of Scottish football, renditions of some of the great 1978 Scottish football chants before chillingly revisiting the Falklands campaign and the worst excesses of the Galtieri regime in Beunos Aries.
Taking us on an emotional roller coaster of a ride through the ups and downs of love, war and life one cant help but be moved by this inspirational tale of human endeavour presented with energy, emotion and passion. I dare anyone not to be moved and to consider matters in a different light after the show.
And if that doesn't move you the Archie Gemmill shimmy is worth the entrance money alone. Another week for you to catch the show..."

"O.m.g. what a show if u watch one football show then watch this one its an amazing well written show at times sad but memory's to talk about , its a life story and if your around fifty its your life story fantastically written its well worth the hour of your life remember when being British made us proudest if your English Scottish welsh Irish united city Everton or Liverpool as long as u breath this the show , and after meerting the gentleman himself after he is a true gent so please go and support the great little people of the frindge you won't be disappointed."

"My ideal Fringe event come upon it by accident and see something different and excellent. I hesitated thinking it might be about football, which in part it is, but no previous knowledge of or enthusiasm for the game is required.